An Unlikely Duo: Sallie Mae and a Hip Hop Artist


A relationship between a hip-hop artist and a traditional student lender/bank? Temeka Easter, Sallie Mae’s senior director of social media, made it happen. Since assuming her role four years ago, she’s broken through regulatory restrictions and corporate reluctance to expand Sallie Mae’s social media footprint with campaigns that have helped create a more positive corporate view. 

One example is how she led the charge to forge a relationship with is Dee-1, whose hit song, “Sallie Mae Back,” dealt with paying back his student loans. After Easter convinced management that this partnership would be valuable, Sallie Mae sponsored a five-state “Knowledge for College” tour, where Dee-1 spoke to high school students about financial responsibility.  This campaign has won numerous awards during its two-year tenure.

In this session you'll learn: 

  • How Sallie Mae built its first award-winning influencer marketing campaign with Dee-1
  • Tips for working with your risk partners with an out the box idea
  • How to leverage your social media advocacy team to drive awareness and engagement