Content: The King of Revenue


There is a lot of talk around content marketing, but most companies struggle with identifying its true impact on revenue. What if I told you that content was one of the largest revenue generating channels in our marketing plan?

Through analyzing the data in attribution models, it is possible to attribute real revenue to your content marketing efforts. Then, armed with this data, you can begin to build out content marketing strategies that drive incremental revenue and provide an overall lift to total conversions and ROI.

Mike will take you through the steps to identify where content has the greatest impact on the customer journey, how to leverage this information for creating the right content, and where sharing content works into the revenue attribution model. 

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Where content fits into the overall marketing funnel
  • How to attribute revenue, and drive incremental success with content marketing
  • How to find the specific topics and pieces of content you should be focusing on
  • Learn social amplification tactics that will impact the highest attributed ROI channels and optimize spend