Empower Your Internal Advocates with a Social On the Go Card


Do your employees know where to easily find your corporate social media policy and general posting guidelines? All too often people want to share their company's content but fear gets in the way. That's why at Mimecast we've developed an easy to reference card to empower our sales, marketing and onboarding teams to really spread our brand’s presence.

Our key social strategy objectives assist in helping employees understand what to share and when to share. In my session, I'll share some easy wins and the people to get onboard when driving internal brand advocacy.

In this session you'll learn: 

  • What a "social on the go card" is and how you can develop one
  • How to empower your company to empower themselves to improve a brand
  • How to really be a true “caster” of your space. We are all “Mimecasters” at our company, I'll share how to build a company allegiance that is stronger than anything.
  • How to be more than just your title, making social fit in at every level and department of your company.