Expanding My Program

For Marketers that have an employee advocacy program in place and are looking to go big. In the content below, you'll find the information you need to take your program to the next level. Whether it's going global or creating deeper engagement with you subject matter experts, you'll find it here.
How Attorneys Can Elevate Their Business & Brand on Social Media

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Why and how in-house legal folks are using social media
  • How law firm attorneys should engage with clients on social media
  • Different ways in which attorneys can engage with potential clients or leaders in their industries
  • Why associates can and should build their brand and show their leadership to their own firm leaders through social media.
Engaging Your Experts to Spread the Word!

Clients are increasingly growing weary of how social channels are becoming push-based marketing mechanisms, where they are seen as adding the same value as billboard advertising.

In an overcrowdedTwittersphere people are gravitating towards subject matter experts as a trusted source of knowledge and experience and are keen to hear from the fountain of the knowledge rather than the company push basedTwitter id. This session will cover how one of IBM's most prominent subject matter experts engages clients and drives meaningful engagement, hints, and tips from an SME who is not a marketer or social media lead, and how IBM uses social media advocacy platforms to drive top-line revenue. 

Best Practices for Developing a Content Strategy for Employee Advocacy Programs

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Using multiple content streams tailored to various employee types and their audiences.
  • Determining the proper tone and expertise level for content, subject matter experts may require much more technical content to effectively engage their audiences, while higher level messaging will better resonate with executives.
  • Using a strategic, iterative approach for employee advocacy content strategy just as you would for any other marketing and communications program.
Going Global with Employee Advocacy

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to assess whether going global is right for you
  • How to identify resources to scale your program beyond North America
  • Culture and social channel considerations
Subject Matter Experts as Brand Advocates

In this session you will learn:

  • How to engage employees and build an army of brand ambassadors
  • Simple ways to build SME blog content and quickly
  • How to tap the smartest techies to become bloggers and ultimately advocates
  • Simple coaching stories to take the fear out of going social


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