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5 Statistics About Employee Advocacy

Are you producing content on your own, sharing it through social media channels and still not achieving the results you’d like? Your answer to social media success is right in front of you or a cubicle away. Employees are an overlooked marketing resource. It’s time to start leveraging your employees to boost your social media success. See the infographic below.

5 Objections to Employee Advocacy

Over the last few years, GaggleAMP has provided companies with the ability to boost their marketing efforts exponentially utilizing their majorly untapped resources, their employees.

Yet there are still people out there that believe that their employees are anything but the right people to be promoting their content. In the infographic below, we share five common objections we hear on a regular basis to employee advocacy.


Department Benefits of Employee Advocacy

The benefits of employee advocacy for the marketing department are obvious. Marketing content sees further reach and is exposed to new audiences. However, few professionals realize how employee advocacy impacts an entire organization. From human resources to sales, employee advocacy touches every part of your organization in a positive way. View the infographic below to see how.

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