Subject Matter Experts as Brand Advocates


Organizations increasingly look to build expert level content, to engage beyond marketing hype and ultimately leverage subject matter experts to become social media advocates. As social media evolves from an advertising push channel to a method for driving deep client engagement then organizations need to leverage their SME's on the front line of social. However, often times the best SME's are also the most adverse to social media.

As an SME for IBM in the area of Cloud Computing I plan to highlight my personal experience in building a following of over 4,000 Twitter followers and curating a blog with over 1k views per month as a blueprint for how to engage and develop an SME advocacy program.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to engage employees and build an army of brand ambassadors
  • Simple ways to build SME blog content and quickly
  • How to tap the smartest techies to become bloggers and ultimately advocates
  • Simple coaching stories to take the fear out of going social