Launching and Running an Employee Advocacy Program: Practical Advice From Someone Who’s Been Through It


When your company has over 5,000 employees, like TransUnion, making sure they represent your brand accurately on social media can seem like a bit of a challenge.

As with any enterprise initiative, many stakeholders need to be involved and a variety of questions arise as you start empower your employees to become more active on social.

  • What group do we start with?
  • Who will we expand this to next?
  • What content do we provide them with?

In this webinar, Kristen O’Neill, Corporate Social Media Manager for TransUnion details how she addressed these questions, launched a successful employee advocacy program and share her plans to expand it.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How to identify who to recruit
  • Methods for scaling the onboarding process
  • Deciding when and how to expand the program
  • Reporting on metrics beyond impressions and clicks